Daffodils, sunflowers and sunshine. Yellow is a positive, joyful colour that a lot of people are scared to use. Yellow can feel too loud, too feminine, or can leave a room looking washed out. But used correctly, yellow doesn’t only look great, but can also be an effective fix for difficult rooms.  

Here are some top tips on how to bring a little sunshine into your home:

Mix with Grey

White is too bright a neutral to mix with yellow and looks washed out (ever try writing in a yellow pen on white paper?), but it mixes perfectly with conservative, sophisticated grey to create an unusual colour scheme

Mix with Natural Materials

Linen, stone and wood looks great with yellow, which matches perfectly with rustic, earthy colours. Using as many natural textures in your home as you can fit will create a layered room that staggers the brightness of a yellow base perfectly.

Use Sparingly

Because of the huge impact the colour can make in a room, A little yellow is enough. Yellow walls can look fantastic, but if you’re not ready to take the plunge, focusing on yellow accessories such as pillows, throws and wall art, will also create the desired warm, sunshiney look you want for your space.  

Use in North Facing Rooms

A pale yellow can really help with a room that is dark, narrow and small. This is particularly effective in north facing rooms that struggle to get a bit of sunshine. With yellow walls and some clever, strong lighting, a shadowy room can look like it’s filled with sunshine all the time. Yellow also makes small spaces look much larger, and painting a narrow hallway yellow is a very bold choice, but will make the space look large and welcoming.

Use in the Kitchen, not the Nursery

Colour psychologists claim that yellow naturally boosts your metabolism, so it’s a great colour to use in the kitchen and dining room. However, yellow is also the most demanding colour on the eye on the spectrum. Bright or neon yellows in particular can tire the eyes, and it is claimed that babies are more susceptible to crying in yellow nurseries. This can apply to adults too, as yellow can be a distracting colour that disrupts concentration and sleep.