Inspiring Office Design from Google

Working for one of the biggest companies in the world sounds like hard, high pressure work, but Google’s incredibly designed office spaces seem to suggest otherwise.

Google has invested some of its squillions of dollars into some of the greatest offices in the world, and if you’re looking into redesigning your home office, we definitely recommend looking to Google for some inspiration! In fact, with more spaces to lounge around in than work (Google HQ in California has 60 snack kitchens!), their revolutionary office design can give you inspiration for all corners of the house.


Green Velor in a Google break room


Google HQ London

Google HQ in London

Google’s current London offices revolves around comfort, granny chic and chintz, with padded chesterfield style walls, beautiful vintage furniture and flowery wallpaper. The mismatched fringed lampshades are also a nice touch, bringing an old school vibe into a modern environment. Meeting spaces are light and airy whereas casual spaces are darker for a more chilled out, relaxed space to inspire creativity. 


Meeting Room in Google HQ London

Google offices also like adding a local touch, such as this meeting room in the London HQ, where a focal point is a vintage poster from the 1948 London games.


Egg Chair in Google HQ Tel Aviv

Google HQ in Tel Aviv

Google has over 70 headquarters in 40 countries around the world, and every space shows off Google’s passion for design. The search engine’s popularity is mostly down to its functional and minimal design, and the importance of design comes through in Google’s choice of chairs and furniture for its offices. Many of its chairs are design classics, such as Arne Jacobsen’s Egg Chair, shown here in Google’s Tel Aviv offices.

The most famous and important element of Google’s offices is how much space is devoted to creativity and leisure activities. Plans have just been announced for a new London HQ in King’s Cross, which will include cycle ramps, a rooftop pool, a climbing wall and an indoor football pitch. The company philosophy is that if their workers enjoy their environment, they will work for longer hours, and maybe even enjoy the overtime!

Though you may not have room for a swimming pool in your home office, Google’s use of colour and furnishings have inspired other large companies to completely redesign their offices to kick out the cubicles and make them more open plan, friendly, fashionable and fun.

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