Eames DSW in Pink


When you think of pink, it’s hard to get out of the Barbie mindset, or that pink is for little girls’ rooms only.

It’s hard to trace how pink became one of the most pigeonholed colours out there, but it’s time to forget pink’s less than favourable reputation and see it for what it really is – one of the most diverse and brilliant colours to work with when redecorating your home.

Pink comes in shades that can fit into any room’s purpose or mood. You could choose a calming pastel shade, a bold magenta, a soft baby/bubblegum tone or a passionate raspberry pink. It’s a colour that can be both energetic and subtle; pink can both shout in your face and whisper in your ear.

Many of our chairs come in pink shades, and we say don’t shy away, here are some tips on how to pinkify your home without making it look like Barbie’s Dream House.

-          Mix it well. Pink on pink can get a little too much, but the colour always looks great when mixed with others. If you want to make a statement, pink and black contrast beautifully. If you want a cosier feel, pink and white will give your room a peachy warmth. A popular colour trend in 2014 is mixing baby pink tones with dark brown accents.

 -          Juxtapose with metallics. If you’re scared pink is going to look a little childish, mix the colour in with metallic accents and accessories. Brushed steel light fittings, gold accents or stainless steel kitchen accessories will give your pink base a sophisticated and grown up feel.

 -          If you’re scared of using pink in a major room in the house, try it out in a smaller room first, like the bathroom. Pink works well in small spaces, particularly if you use a splash of deep fuchsia. Whether it’s through an accent wall or an accessory such as a bath mat or set of towels, it’s a good way to get started on your pink odyssey!

 -          Pink makes a bitchin’ kitchen! Start with rose pink accessories and even electrical (the pink SMEG fridge is in our personal wish list!) and of course our DSR or DSW chairs in pink are perfect for the kitchen!

 Experiment with a little pink in your home to bring in a lot of warmth and fun!