Series 7 Chair 3107 in Bright Red

Arne Jacobsen inspired reproduction Series 7 Chair 3107 in red. This price is for a single series 7 dining chair, however why not liven up your dining room with a selection of different colours, which are available here .

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Red Series 7 Chair

This iconic piece of furniture comes in a bold red finish. The Series 7 butterfly chair model 3107 was first produced in 1955 by legendary Danish designer Arne Jacobsen and is arguably the greatest selling piece of designer furniture ever designed. Over 6 million units have been sold worldwide since 1955. This designer piece has a simple slender seat that is cut out of a single piece of moulded plywood and sits on chromed four leg base and comes with rubber bungs, which are safe for use on all types of flooring, also the Series 7 a stackable chair ideal for space saving.

Alternative Series 7 Options

Our reproduction of this designer chair is also available in a range 16 colours ranging from beech to walnut finishs. Why not mix and match colours to brighten up your room. Metro Furniture also stock the series 7 chair in a kids size they also have a selection of 5 bright striking colours to choose from.

Arne Jacobsen desiner of the Series 7 chair

Upon designing the Series 7 in 1955, Arne Jacobsen went to produce the Swan and Egg chairs for the SAS Royal hotel, which he also designed the building, in Copenhagen in 1956-60. Once completed a selection of Oxford dons (a tutor or fellow of the University) visited the site in search of an architect. Jacobsen was commissioned to produce St. Catharine’s College, as in the SAS Royal Hotel, he designed everything from the building, furniture right down to the garden and even selected the types of fish to put in the pond (chub and golden orfe). The dining hall is most notable for its Cumberland slate flooring and now the building has a Grade 1 listing to its name.


 Dimension of Chair

 Total Height


 Total Width


 Chair Depth


 Seat Height


Materials & Construction of the Series 7

Based on the classic Series 7 design of the 1950s ergonomically pressure moulded plywood seat available in 16 bright or natural finishes. The seat is supported by chrome legs with plastic connectors and rubber bungs so safe use on laminate floors, so it matches the original Series 7 design as possible.

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