Kids Series 7 chair in Post Box Red

Arne Jacobsen inspired kids reproduction Series 7 Chair 3107 in red. The Children's chair is made to the same exact standard as the adult version. This price is for a single kids series 7 dining chair, however why not jazz up your childs room with a selection of different colours, which are available here.

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Kids Series 7 Chair in post box red

The Series 7 butterfly chair model 3107 was first produced in 1955 by legendary Danish designer Arne Jacobsen and is arguably the greatest selling piece of designer furniture ever designed. Over 6 million units have been sold worldwide since 1955. This designer piece is exactly the same construction as the adults only the dimensions are smaller. It has a slender seat that is cut out of a single piece of strong moulded plywood and sits on mirrored chromed four leg base safe for all types of flooring, also the Series 7 a stackable chair ideal for space saving. Also the finish is tough and wipe clean for when it gets messy.

Alternative Series 7 Options

Our reproduction of this designer childs chair is also available in a range 5 colours ranging from lime green to bright pink. Why not mix and match colours to brighten up your kid’s room. Metro Furniture also stock the series 7 chair in adult sizes, which come in 16 bright striking colours to choose from.

Arne Jacobsen designer of the Series 7 chair

The Series 7 butterfly chair model 3107, first produced in 1955 by legendary Danish designer, Arne Jacobsen it is one of the most recognisable chairs in history. Primarily an architect, Arne Jacobsen during World War II struggled, due to the scarcity of building materials which made projects difficult. In 1943, due to his Jewish background, he had to abandon his office to escape planned deportation. He fled Denmark, rowing a small boat across Øresund to neighbouring Sweden where he would stay for the next two years. During this time his architectural work was limited to a summer house for two doctors. However he wasn't idle he spent his time designing fabrics and wallpaper. In 1951, Jacobsen completed work on the Ant Chair - Model 3100, an intricately moulded plywood seat on three splindly steel legs. This was followed by the simpler hourglass form of the 1955 Model 3107 or Series 7 Chair. By the late 1950s, Jacobsen was given an opportunity to put his theories of integrated design and architecture into practise in the design of the SAS Ari Terminal and Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. He designed every element of the building from the buildings structure down to the ceramic ashtrays sold in the souvenir shop. He also designed the stainless steel cutlery, which was later chosen by Stanley Kubrick for the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.


 Dimension of Chair

 Total Height


 Total Width


 Chair Depth


 Seat Height


Materials & Construction of the Series 7

Based on the classic Series 7 design of the 1950s ergonomically pressure moulded plywood seat available in 5 bright or natural finishes. The seat is supported by chrome legs with plastic connectors and rubber bungs so safe use on laminate floors, so it matches the original Series 7 design as possible.

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