Karlsson Chrome Spider Ball Clock

Karlsson Chrome Spider Wall Clock 30cm diameter

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Chrome Karlsson Spider Ball Clock

The ultimate contemporary timepiece, this unique chrome wall clock will give your home a style update in minutes. The Karlsson chrome Spider Clock features a central chrome clock mechanism which is accented by pointed silver hands. Making the most of the negative clock face space, the spokes reaching out from the centre of the clock each have a malteser-shaped chrome sphere perched on them which have been cleverly arranged to mark the hours. The Karlsson chrome Spider Clock Looking like twelve moons closely orbiting a shiny silver planet, the Chrome Spider Clock by Karlsson wants everybody to know that it does things differently. From its design to bright and reflective finish, this funky silver clock loudly proclaims its arrival to your interior.

Alternative Spider clocks

The spider clock also come in multicoloured and black.

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