About Metro Furniture

Eames lounge chair and leff brick clock

A Passion for Mid 20th Century Designer Furniture

We can honestly say that our passion for the modern contemporary design in our range is tireless and we hope you are as excited about discovering our products as we are sourcing them for you.

Whether it's the form and function of the rustic range or, the incredible minimalist design of our Danish Collection which effortlessly elevate a contemporary room into a truly stylish setting.

After all furniture is for life, not just for looking at.

Eames DSW in Yellow and Karlsson Station Clock

Committed to Quality at a Fair Price

Just like you, the design loving team behind Metro Furniture have to furnish our homes and business on a budget. And, just like you, we want to stretch our budget as far as you can. But we also know that cheap does not necessarily equal bargain.

That's why we source good quality, furniture, we would all love to own. Then we offer it to you at a fair price, which means you can afford the ottoman to go with the chair knowing that we haven’t cut corners on production.

And, because we carry a large stock, we can usually deliver within one week. Which means you won’t have to wait too long before you can wine, dine or recline in style.

Putting Contemporary Furniture To Work

In your boutique hotel, café bar or office reception, a perfectly positioned iconic piece or a carefully assembled collection of furniture will communicate to your clients that quality and style are equally important to your business.

Metro Furniture

From Discerning Shoppers To Satisfied Customers