Colour and the new

Half way through the year and we have a new website and new blog to showcase our best of what home d├ęcor we offer. Sourcing the bold, bright, statement pieces of furniture that will be best seen in your home. From coffee tables to clocks, dining chairs to desk lamps, all of us at Metro hope that what we have will inspire you to improve your home with the inclusion of well designed and made furnishings. In this blog, we will be showcasing products, colours and concepts for home improvements from the world of design, which in turn gives you ideas for the home. You can share and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Beautiful spaces need beautiful colours and 2017 is no different, rich vibrant colours are placed aside earthy tones. The splashes of colour are comparable to a spring garden with leafy greens as the base with the bright oranges pushing through to adding vibrancy.

Grey is a big colour this year, we have a wide range of furniture with this understated colour, why not balance it out with a strong teal or gold. The concept of natural undertones matched with bold statement colour will bring a zing to your home.