Karlsson Table Book Clock Available in Three Colours

Book Clock in grey, black or pink.

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Karlsson Table Book Clock in Three Designs.

The Book Clock is a table clock in the style of a set of three books, with numbers on the centre book, "three" and "nine" on the others. The hands are brushed aluminium and are powered by a quartz movement. It's a fun addition to a book cash or shelf.

Alternative home accessories by Karlsson

The book clock is available in pastel, black, pink, bold or grey.

About Karlsson

Masters of Dutch design, Karlsson have lent their talent for contemporary design to a range of funky clocks with incredible shapes, varying colours and unique design. The Karlsson brand can be divided into a pair of categories. One category of Karlsson clocks caters for those who appreciate timeless design, clean aesthetics and minimal styling. These clocks are perfect for businesses and offices as well as lending sophistication to a home.

Dimensions of the Clock









Materials and Construction

The book clock is made out of paper and card in the form of three books, the aluminium hands are powered by a quartz movement. 1 AA battery needed but not included.

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