Karlsson Hexagon Concrete Alarm Clock Available in Six Colours

Available in Pink, White, Green, Grey, Blue and Black.

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Hexagon Concrete Alarm Clock Available in Six Colours by Karlsson

This alarm clock has a bold design time piece available in six colours. This statement time piece is unique with a moulded hexagon concrete design will bring a great design to any room in your home.

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Karlsson design team

Karlsson is a renowned Dutch clock brand and is sold all over the world. In 1999 Karlsson joined the inspire through the design contributions of many Dutch and internationally renowned designers as well as those of our own creative team. Under the wings of Present Time, Karlsson grew to be an internationally recognised clock brand.









Materials and Construction

This alarm clock is made of coloured concrete in a moulded hexagon shape. The hands are aluminium and powered by sweep quartz movement. 1 AA Batteries not included.

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