Flip Boxed Clock in Bamboo Finish

Flip Boxed Mantle Clock in Bamboo Finish designed and produced by Karlsson.

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Flip Boxed Clock in a Bamboo Finish designed and produced by Karlsson.

The Flip Boxed table clock uses a split-flap display system with a bamboo frame, this clock is a great addition to anywhere in any room.

Clock alternatives.

Flip Boxed clock is also available in a brushed silver style. We also stock many different designs of clocks from Present Time and Lemnos.

Karlsson design team

Karlsson is a renowned Dutch clock brand and is sold all over the world. In 1999 Karlsson joined the inspire through the design contributions of many Dutch and internationally renowned designers as well as those of our own creative team. Under the wings of Present Time, Karlsson grew to be an internationally recognised clock brand.


 Dimension of Clock







Flip Boxed uses the split-flap display system for displaying the time, encased in a bamboo frame with a plastic front. C Batteries not included.

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