Diamond Raster Magazine Rack in Copper

Diamond Raster Magazine Rack in Copper by BOX32.

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Diamond Raster Magazine Rack in Copper by BOX32

Designed and produced in Holland by BOX32 this magazine rack is copper plated and is perfect for holding any news paper or magazine, also it is foldable.

Design alternatives.

The Diamond Raster Magazine Rack also come in brass and black. We also stock many different designs from Present Time and Lemnos.

Present Time design team

Present Time is a brand factory specializing in wholesale gifts and home decoration items. Present Time’s mission is to allow contemporary design to add fun and a personal touch to life.In the early 1980’s, a small gift company called Kaleidoscoop started. Due to the success of this company it merged with Clockwork and they decided to combine their strengths under the name Present Time. In 1999 Present Time expanded by buying two other companies, Karlsson and Leitmotiv.









The Diamond Raster magazine rack is made of a metal, copper plated frame, which can be folded. Able to support newspapers, magazines and small books.

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