Graypants 34cm Dia Cone Pendant scraplight

Graypants 34cm Cone pendent scraplights are individually hand made from locally salvaged recycled corrugated cardboard.
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Cone Cardboard Pendent Lamp

Hand crafted and laser cut in the Netherlands from locally sourced recycled corrugated cardboard which is nontoxic fire retardant treated. Born in Seattle by Graypants Studio, the scraplight cone pendent lamp is innovative beautiful designer lighting while being environmentally and socially responsible. The lamp is approximately 24cm high and 34cm wide but because the lamp is hand made dimensions can vary slightly. The Cone Pendent lamp INCLUDES A TWO-METER BLACK FABRIC CORD AND A BLACK POWDER COATED STEEL CANOPY Please note delivery is 4 weeks as the scraplights are hand made to order.
Graypants Lighting
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