Leitmotiv Clear Glass Bottle Chandelier

Leitmotiv Large Clear Glass Bottle Chandelier by Bonne Plat
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Wine Bottle Chandelier

Large Glass Bottle Chandelier by Leitmotiv and designed by Bonne Plat. Unique and unusual this large chandelier would crown the center piece of any room. Constructed from steel and clear glass bottles. The light bulb sits in the middle of the chandelier allowing each bottle reflecting the light causing a remarkable visual display.

Leitmotiv are a designer brand offering both up-and-coming and established designers the opportunity to have their ideas put into production. Today, Leitmotiv stands for a carefully composed collection of small furniture and lighting products.


 Dimension of Chair

 Length including cord


 Diameter Shade




170 cm H x 90 cm D, 24 kgs

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