Brooklyn Tins 07 Wallpaper Black by Merci and NLXL

Brooklyn tins 07 Wallpaper in vintage black produced by NLXL and designed By Merci Paris. One roll covers approximately 4.4m²
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Brooklyn Tins 07 Wallpaper

At the end of the 19th Century tin ceillings were introduced to the USA as an affordable alternative to the exquisite plaster work used in European homes. The tin was rolled out into a thin plate and cut into tiles, demand was so great there was 45 companies mainly centered around Ohio , Pennsylvania and New York as this is where the railway lines and metal manufactueres were based. Although originally painted white to provide the immpression of hand- carved or molded plaster. But, the irregularity and the aging give today all the appeal to this American architecture icon. In 2009, merci selected this vintage ceiling tins as a décor concept for the parisien store. Since the opening, there is no one day whithout seing a visitor taking pictures of the MERCI tin counter or asking to buy it. This phenomenon has give merci the ideas to design and market this wall paper BROOKLIN TINS Brooklyn tins 07 offers slightly smaller squares at 24cm than 01 variant. A lovely duck egg vintage looking green tile wallpaper with no two squares the same. The pattern is an illusion and remarkably resembles the vintage painted tiles found in the factories, warehouses, shops and eateries at the turn of the 20th Century. Why not make a feature wall, ceiling or even cover a wardrobe with the classic wallpaper adding a patina the limit is your imagination. The Brooklyn tins range is a collaboration between NLXL and Merci the concept store based in Paris. The wallpaper is sold per 10m role however if you are unsure we recommend an A4 sample sheet with all 8 available Brooklyn tin patterns and colours sales office samples are £7.
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